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Christmas is in the air, it is where we practice the spirit of gift giving, reunions and Christmas parties. It is the time of the year where we receive our long awaited 13th month pay and Christmas bonus. Maybe you are itching to buy your favorite phone, shoes, shirt or shoes, but please if you are doing so, make sure that you are properly allotting your hard earned funds so that it won’t go to waste. Prepare early so that you won’t get bankrupt this Christmas and of course prioritize saving. If you want to save like what part time accountants in Dubai,UAE has been doing, you can check out this tips:

Do not oblige yourself to be like Santa

Yes, we all know that Christmas is the spirit of gift giving It is where crispy bills and gifts were given to our “inaanaks” and to all those coming into our houses for “aginaldos” but remember giving a gift should come from the heart and should be given without any pressure. So, if someone told you to buy him or her a gift and you don’t feel like giving then he/she should respect your decision on that matter. Give gifts to those people who matters most to you, give gifts to your parents, siblings, and close friends. If you have lots of friends and do not have a lot budget for gifts, just give one to the most special to you. Just be mindful that to avoid personal conflicts with your other friends,  do not broadcast that you gave a gift to whoever that friend is.

 Collect Gifts and Start Saving Early

If you want to have a peace of mind with less stress and pressure on your budget on the month of gift giving, you can start buying gifts at least 3 months before the month comes. Do buy things little by little and do not overthink. Just choose what’s the best gift that you can afford and you think the best for them.  Giving gifts is not made to impress the one you’re giving it to, it is a symbol of telling them that they are special to you.

Wait for Christmas Discounts

Read news, be alert and ready yourself for discounts. It randomly happens in a year and if the day comes make sure that you are ready to buy. This is one of the reasons why you should save money. Saving money can save you money. It’s not an error but you can really save a lot on 3 day sale on malls given that you have money left for shopping. Still be cautious that you should not  go Panic buying but choose the highest quality yet affordable items.

Cut Down Cost on Unnecessary items

Know the difference between wants and needs. Buy only things that you need. If your shoes are worn out and cannot be fixed, you can add it to the list that you need but if you have a pair of shoes that’s still in a good working condition, you can eliminate it from the list.

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